Sale Condition

1. Minimum Order
- US$ 1000
- Minimum weight is 80 kg
If customers can't meet above minimum order, extra US$ 120 need to be paid for documentation ( phytosanitary certificate, CITES, etc.) and custom fees.
2. Order Processing
2.1) Kindly inquire of plants you are interested in via email: info@wanapluk.com, nokpalm@yahoo.com or telephone:
+662 815 1414 , +6681 734 5737 , +6685 326 3377 or fax: +6682 461 3204
2.2) Price and availability of inquired plants will be confirmed within 3 working days.
2.3) If customers agree with price and availability, the following information is needed;
- Name, address, telephone number, fax number, email
- Airport, city, country
- Custom agent's telephone number, fax number
- Import permit number ( if necessary)
- All necessary documents, additional declarartion, requirements of importting
2.4) Proforma invoice and bank information will be sent
2.5) After transferring, please kindly inform us
2.6) Shipping date will be noticed and customers will receive plants within 2o working days
3. Document
- Invoice
- Packing List
- Airway Bill
- Phytosanitary Certificate
- CITES (if necessary)
- Certificate of Origin (if necessary)
4. Payment
- Bank Transfer (Prepaid only)
Wanapluk Garden
Bangkok Bank
Praphadaeng Branch
Account no: 125-4-10043-9
Account name: Wanapluk Garden Co., Ltd
Swidt Code: BKKBTHBK
5. Shipping Method
- Air
- Sea
- Free of charges for documentations and custom fees if customers meet our minimum order
- If special documents and requirements are needed for the country of importting, customers need to inform us in advance
- Import permit might be needed for importting plants to some countries. Please kindly check.

- All damages from the delay / mistakes from airline, the customers can directly claim from the airline company at arrival at the airport. All questions or futher assisstance in dealing with airline are always welcome, but this never guarantee the compensation from airline as this is beyond our control. Please kindly be noted that this is supposed to be taken into action on the date of arrival only for the greatest effectivemess of claim.
- For any fumigation/ extra inspection /destroying by PQ at the destination due to the insect and plant diseases caused by ourside , We will be responsible for all cost, but only after the document issued by the official department ( in English only) and photos of insect and plant diseases taken at PQ are shown. The invoice / receipt is always needed after the payment from customers or department.
- All plant damage from the travelling will be compensated only at arrival ( 7 days after the arrival). Also, the photos of plant damage need to be clearly shown in order that we can proof the quantity and the cause of the claim outstandingly.
For Instance ; a photo of 4 damaged plants cannot claim for 100 plant compensation. a photo of damaged plants is not accepted if it is greater than 7 days after the arrival
- In order to compensate all cost, the customers can choose if they prefer bank transfer (withour freight charges) or plant shipment.
- In order to have the compensation shipment / Bank Transfer from Wanapluk Garden, the customers have to be always responsible for freight charges. Therefore, if the customers prefer to have the bank transfer instead of the compensated shipment, we will transfer back only the plant costs.