Adenium, the cute plants and beautiful flowers


Adenium plants have a big trunk with a bottom shaped tuber. The roots can grow into tubers as well. Adenium is part of the Apocynaceae family and is derived from Africa and West Asia, in the dry desert regions and is called desert rose.Plants are still a close family member Adenium are: Cambodia, Nerium, Alamanda. Adenium preferred because the number of flower species varied and very much, no wonder many people are buying as an ornamental plant at their home. 

There are several types of native Adenium (which has not been crossed with other species) are still popular among fans. The fans see the advantage of native species rather than a new hybrid type, ie stems and twigs are very strong and big tubers, flowering much. Various types of native adenium namely: obesum, multifloru, oleifolium, somalense, Socotranum, boehmianum, Arabicum swazicum. 

Adenium obesum is ornamental plants most preferred by fans. This plant can grow up to 3-4 metres. Adenium obesum has the advantage on the base of a big trunk with a unique shape. Pink and red flowers, flowers funnel-shaped with a diameter of 5-12 inches. Leaf color varies from dark green to grayish green. This type is preferred because of faster growth, especially in the tuber, then the growth will naturally be a cute and unique shapes. Adenium has a cute shape and beautiful flowers.
The new hybrid group that is now popular example harry potter. The person who first cross breeding Adenium is Dr. Mark A. Dimmit, a curator of plants of the Arizona Desert Museum, he did cross breeding Adenium Obesum and Swazicum in 1985 that gave birth to the Crimson Star Adenium. Adenium cross breeding has produced so many kinds of flowers, there are over 100 species. The amount of interest that many of these series will be a complete collection for fans of Adenium flower.
From : http://beautifulplant.blogspot.com/2011/07/adenium-cute-plants-and-beautiful.html