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"We can supply you such as Palm and Cycad, Euphorbia Millii, Euphorbia Lactea , Adenium, Fragrant flower plants, Croton, Hoya, Plumeria, Orchid, Other plants (Hibiscus, Pong Pong, Miracle fruit plant, Allamanda and etc.)."

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Miracle Fruit Plant Thai tropical plants

Miracle Fruit Plant is one of rare and unique fruit plant because its fruit can change from sour to sweet. You canprove it by test one of Miracle fruit and follow by lemon. You will see that lemon is sweet.

FOB Price is US$1.5 per plant.
Please contact us to get special discount for big order.

Miracle Fruit Plant - Other Tropical Plants
Miracle Fruit Plant
Miracle Fruit Plant
Miracle Fruit Plant
Miracle Fruit Plant

Other Tropical Plants - Pong Pong - Miracle Fruit Plant

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